Altum 100x1

We believe
in the logic of the gift.

At Altum, we donate 100% of our dividends
to a single goal: To support evangelization by fostering Prayer, Mission and Vocation Formation. To this end, we have created the “Altum100x1” program.

Lo que tú, como inversor, hagas con tu rendimiento, es tu responsabilidad.

Nuestra responsabilidad es qué hace Altum con su beneficio y en ello somos perfectamente claros: creemos en la lógica del don y la reciprocidad. Esto nos hace distintos.

Como empresa, cobramos por nuestros servicios y buscamos tener un beneficio que nos permita ser eficientes, garantizar nuestra supervivencia y seguir creando empleo. Pero no buscamos enriquecernos. Esto nos hace diferentes.

Sabemos para qué hemos creado Altum y somos coherentes, por eso:

  • Deliberadamente limitamos nuestros salarios a los sueldos de dominio público de funcionarios a nivel europeo que aparecen publicados en los boletines oficiales. Sin intereses creados. Sin bonus. Sin stock options. Transparentes.
  • Implementamos el programa “Altum100x1”: Donamos el 100% del beneficio de Altum a un único objetivo: apoyar la evangelización fomentando la Oración, la Misión y la Formación de Vocaciones.
We seek to finance projects that have evangelization as their goal. We don't just money and forget about it; We finance concrete projects, in concrete places, for concrete projects, in specific places, for specific people.
We are not experts in social assistance. That is why we collaborate with institutions of the Catholic Church and with local entities that are on the ground and are able to bear witness to the needs to be met, to be accountable that every euro donated has been used in the most effective way and has borne fruit.
For us, transparency on the destination and effective use of goods is the key to be able to perform a responsible accountability that will be reflected annually in our Altum 100×1 Report. For this, we ask (demand) full traceability in the projects where we co-invest in such a way that we know at all times how much money, to which projects and their social/evangelical impact from beginning to end.

Where are the Altum 100x1 Program projects located?

Discover all our projects over time.

La Pouponnière

We joined the project for the construction of a nursery in Dakar. The missionary sisters of Dakar are the ones who have been taking care of these children for years, and now they will be able to give them a shelter in their nursery.

Coordinated by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Dakar.

Reconstruction Nineveh Plain

Specifically, we are supporting the Project for the Reconstruction of the Christian Presence in the Nineveh Plain (Iraq), which consists of financing projects that allow Iraqi Christians who wish to do so to return to their homes in the villages of the Nineveh Plain, in dignified and safe conditions.

Coordinated by Aid to the Church in Need,
Foundation of the Holy See.

El Mayor Regalo

Film production that shows how forgiveness can be The Greatest Gift a person can receive and give.
can be the greatest gift a person can receive and give.
Forgiveness arises as a response to the power of God’s love,
that disrupts the human logic of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

Health donation

Donation of 10,000 PPE suits during 2020, in the city of Madrid.

Receiving entity: Pablo Hortsman Foundation.

Benin: dressmaking

Once the different levels of schooling have been progressively implemented, and having started in September 2020 the 2nd year of Secondary Education, we see the need to provide Vocational Training courses, starting with Dressmaking for some students who are not ready to continue with Secondary Education. The aim of the project is for the students to finish their education with access to the labor market.

Project coordinated by Compañía de El Salvador


Project coordinated by young entrepreneurs, in which funds were raised to support religious of contemplative life throughout Spain.

Channeled through Fundación DeClausura.

Cameroon Children’s Bible

Sending 3000 Catholic Bibles to the province of Kumba in Cameroon.

Coordinated by Aid to the Church in Need,

Populorum Progressio Houses

We have been able to do our bit to help the education of young people living in rural communities in Honduras.

The project, coordinated by Acoes Honduras, consists of the creation and conditioning of residences for men and women who, due to lack of economic resources and difficult access to educational centers, have lost the opportunity to receive an academic education.

Tengamos la fiesta en paz

A film production of the Infinito+1 production company that tells the story of how a family with its problems, limitations and hardships is able to overcome adversity through trust in God and the tenacity of their children.

Jérôme Lejeune Foundation Scholarship

Collaboration with the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, financing scholarships for religious to study the Master’s Degree in Bioethics.

New York and the Sisters of Life

Collaboration with the Sisters of Life by funding catechetical and primary care materials for single mothers giving birth.

Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land

Maintenance of the Friars in the Holy Land.

Liturgical articles for 3 prisons in Tanzania

We funded the purchase of liturgical items such as chalices, monstrances or censers for three Bukoba prisons in Tanzania. This will facilitate liturgical and spiritual services, giving prisoners access to spiritual reform while serving their sentences.

Study on the musical heritage
in cloistered convents.

We support a study carried out by the DeClausura Foundation, which aims to compile and teach the great wealth, tradition and history of the musical heritage of the cloistered convents.

We support the formation of vocations by financing the studies of seminarians.

Infrastructure in Benin

We collaborate with the school of the Company of El Salvador in Benin by financing the construction and improvement of infrastructure for the students.

Documentary “Libres, duc in altum”.

We are sponsoring the documentary film “Libres, Duc in altum”, a filming project on contemplative life and prayer. The main objective of this feature film is to contribute to make the light that monasteries and convents bring to the world more visible, palpable and closer.

Jérôme Lejeune Foundation Scholarship

Collaboration with the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, financing scholarships for religious to study the Master’s Degree in Bioethics.

Liturgical material for the new headquarters

The Golfín Foundation has received a residence in Boadilla del Monte to accommodate pregnant women where they are restoring an area to convert it into a chapel. We collaborate to provide liturgical material for this new chapel.

Support to the soup kitchen in Vallecas

We have collaborated with the Missionaries of Charity sisters who have a soup kitchen in Vallecas where they serve the poorest and neediest.

Franciscans of the Holy Land

We support the Franciscans who are in the Holy Land guarding the holy places.

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