Give witness

“So a prudent man is not one who—as is often meant—is able to wangle things in life and draw the greatest profit from it; but one who is able to construct his whole life according to the voice of upright conscience and according to the requirements of sound morality.”


St. John Paul II, on prudence, 25 October 1978

Profitability and Testimony

Why invest respecting the Social Teaching of the Church?

The talents received (including financial wealth) cannot be and must not be buried. On the contrary, they must be worked so that those gifts bear fruit, and, in the case of investments, adequate profitability.

What marks the difference is being able to give Christian witness in view of the specific responsibility of investing. Transparent, professional and morally responsible wealth management is set to become a primary tool to give witness of how faith can also be lived when managing investments.

Bonum ex integra causa, malum exquocunque defectu

St. Thomas Aquinas


The assets to be managed do not cease to be assets, talents, which have been entrusted to us. This makes it necessary to administer them in the best way and make them perform, with responsibility and moral rectitude, and thus be able to undertake management founded on joint responsibility (stewardship).

Altum was born with the vocation of helping its clients to make investment decisions in a manner consistent with their morals, professionalism, integrity and transparency.

Does investing in accordance with the Social Teaching of the Church… entail sacrificing profitability?

No. There are illustrative examples* that show how including criteria of Catholic teaching in the investment decisions not only does not imply renouncing to profitability but also even exceeds the conventional indexes in return.

We see it with the evolution of the S&P2 index and the S&P Catholic3 Values index:

  1. Data compiled between 21/10/2008 and 26/01/2018. Source: Bloomberg.
  2. S&P 500: stock index including the 500 companies with largest capitalisation in the United States.
  3. S&P 500 Catholic Values: index that applies to the S&P 500 the Responsible Investment criteria established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

*Past returns do not imply future returns.