“Transparency means that the mission is present in each small action and therefore provokes the implication of the subjects that develop them.”

D. Zalbidea, Transparency and accountability: explaining mercy


We do not understand transparency as a mere external obligation linked to control. It is much more than that.

Being transparent in all the areas of our activity is the best way we have to be accountable to the individuals and entities that interact with Altum. It is not just about reporting the numbers (which is fundamental), it is also about showing that activity is fully at the service of our mission.

Therefore, we have prepared this section, where we place all the information, both the legal information inherent to our activity and all that which shows the commitments acquired (codes of conduct, conflicts of interest policy, remuneration policy, Altum 100×1, etc.), at your disposal.

In any case, we are at your disposal and you can contact us with your questions in the Contact form.


We could not be 100% transparent without mentioning and thanking all those who have contributed to Altum being a reality today.

 “Thanks” to the religious institutions that, with your support (including your prayer), have paved the way for the birth of Altum from the time at which it was only an intuition, and to all the entities (stakeholders) that surround Altum – clients, supplies, persons who support the evangelical management of wealth – who, with your work, effort and good advice, have made it possible for Altum Faithful Investing is no more a project, but a reality. 

Thank you! Duc in Altum!