“ The ownership of any property makes its holder a steward of Providence, with the task of making it fruitful and communicating its benefits to others”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2,404

Our Clients

At Altum, we advise the wealth management of religious institutions and Christian-inspired foundations. But not just that. We also advise the wealth management of individuals and civil entities that have Catholic sensitivity when it comes to managing their assets:


Religious Institutions




Individual Investors

Our Services

Financial Advice

Our objective is consulting in the construction of investment portfolios, always maintaining two requirements at the same level:

  • To maximise the return adjusted to the risk profile of the investor.
  • To comply with the Catholic teaching.


Our Activity – Altum Faithful Investing Solutions


Advisory on investment portfolios
We construct investment portfolios seeking cost efficiency and access to the best managers in both the national and international market, always complying with the criteria of the Social Teaching of the Church.
Production of investment policies that comply with the Social Teaching of the Church
The professionalisation of investment entails having written guidelines that serve as a guide when making decisions. We help our clients to develop these guidelines to ensure that they are adjusted to their moral criteria at all times.
Advisory for investment vehicles (funds, SICAVs, etc.) with respect to ethical criteria
We advise investment vehicles that wish to implement the Catholic teaching in their investment decision-making process.
Endowments consulting (endowment funds, founds from foundations and funds from institutions)
We are aware that there are institutions whose time horizon is very long term (congregations, foundations, family offices, etc.). For this type of entity that requires special attention and management, we implement portfolios that comply with their individual needs (liquidity, destination of the funds, etc.) while affording them strong and stable capital preservation over time.
Development of reports
  • Management and economic viability reports of Religious Institutions that assist them in the decision-making process.
  • Analysis from the ethical and financial viewpoint of the investment portfolio.
Training in evangelical asset management.
We deliver training programmes that, on the one hand, allow our clients to know the world of faith-consistent investing in greater depth and, on the other, allow us, Altum employees, to place our talents in what we know (investment management) at the service of ministry.

How we work


We focus on proposing simple portfolios and investments, eliminating investment in complex or speculative investment products.


We help the wealth managers to act with prudence when managing their investment, harmonising the moral rectitude of their investment decisions with the intention of obtaining a return on their investment.


We are dedicated to our customers. Therefore, we only collect from our clients, without receiving any type of kickback or commission of any other type. Without conflicts of interest… The only way we know how to work.

Transparency and Reporting

Transparency is one of our objectives and reporting is an instrument apt to achieve it. At Altum, we explain each and every one of our investment recommendations to our clients so that they, in turn, may report back to the appropriate entity (Provincial Governments, Dioceses, Trusts, etc.).