With criteria

The pastor should be discreet in keeping silence, profitable in speech; lest he either utter what ought to be suppressed or suppress what he ought to utter

St. Gregory the Great, Pastoral Rule. 2.4

Altum Investment Guidelines

At Altum, it is our conviction that investing cannot and must not conflict with Catholic morality. Investors have the moral responsibility to know what they are investing in and how it is invested, thus to invest with consistency. This is what makes the difference and the raison d’être of Altum.

Therefore, we have developed the Altum Investment Guidelines, which are the investment principles that we always apply in our consulting. It is what is describes and determines us:

  • We seek to invest in companies/securities that manifest responsible management practices, behave responsibly towards preserving human dignity and operate with integrity (respect for labour law, no corrupt practices or unfair business practices) in the interaction with its stake-holders (employees, competitors, customers and suppliers).
  • We seek to curb access to pornography: we avoid investing in companies/securities with a significant involvement in producing, directing, publishing, distributing and/or retailing of adult entertainment materials of pornographic nature.
  • We promote man’s freedom from addictions: we positively weigh companies/securities that promote freedom from addictive behaviours, especially those caused by alcohol, tobacco and gambling.
  • We defend religious freedom: we avoid investing in assets from governments or companies who promote or carry out religious persecution against any faith, or deprive people from the right of religious freedom.
  • We seek to invest in companies or assets that promote and recognise social virtues and the social value of the family.
  • We avoid investing in companies or assets whose actions and practices actively attack the Catholic conception of marriage and family.
  • We seek to invest in companies/securities that support policies and initiatives pursuing to protect human life at every stage of its existence, from the moment of conception until natural death.
  • Respecting the life of the unborn: The Fund shall avoid investing in companies/securities involved directly or indirectly in the practice of abortion or manufacturing of abortifacients and/or contraceptives.
  • Protecting from instrumentalization of Procreation: The Fund shall avoid investing in companies/securities involved in embryonic stem cell research, fetal tissue/embryo-derived stem cell research or human cloning.
  • Promoting “culture of life” vs the establishment of the “culture of death” (St John Paul II): The Fund shall avoid investing in companies/securities involved directly or indirectly in the practice of euthanasia, death penalty or involved in the production and sale of indiscriminate weapons or weapons of mass destruction.
  • We seek to promote, through investment, positive initiatives performed by governments/companies that implement the highest standards in environmental behaviour.
  • We seek to promote, through investment, the implementation of environmental stewardship aimed at preserving the Creation for future generations, valuing practices and actions that promote the reduction of abusive environmental impact.
  • We seek to avoid investing in companies/securities implicated in severe controversies related to their impact or abuse on the environment and natural resources.

How do we build our portfolios from an ethical perspective?

By being inclusive with those initiatives that promote the teaching of the Church and by being clear when excluding companies whose activity openly conflicts with Christian morals.

Furthermore, for the customers who want it and as part of the evangelising aspect of the investments, we establish dialogue with the companies with the intention of influencing and/or improving their conduct in all matters related to the protection of the Creation and the promotion of life, family and human dignity.

Ultimately, we seek to carry out our work well performing financial consulting from beginning to end.


We shall avoid taking part in companies or investments whose activity and objectives conflict with the principles and values of Christian morals.


We support and are inclusive with companies that perform initiatives promoting the Social Teaching of the Church, while expecting adequate return from them.


The responsibility is not just focused on the initial investment but is maintained over time. If our clients want to go a step further in the evangelical management of their investments, we help them exercising their responsibility as investors through strategies that involve voting rights and proxys, dialogue with the company to abandon unethical behaviuours and/or, if necessary, proceed to divest.